Mullet sighting at

JustAddWater has implemented the mullet blog layout, and written an article about it. Here’s his description of the mullet:
1. At the top of our front page we list the latest 5 articles showing the headline, the excerpt and other relevant links and information:
2. Below the teasers of first 5 articles we show headlines along with publishing dates of the previous 35 articles.

Now if he would just implement a long tail archive

Many thanks to Adobe for hosting barcamp delhi

Adobe India was amazingly generous in hosting BarCamp Delhi. They not only provided food, wifi, and two fully loaded conference rooms (with projectors, lcd screens, wireless mics, etc). They also turned off their security system, letting 100 people roam around their offices unescorted and without identification. This made it possible for us to use all their conference rooms, so that everybody who wanted to present would have an opportunity. Special thanks to Ajay Pande for making it all happen, Neeraj Chawla for setting up the facilities, and Dheeraj Muku for making sure we had the IT infrastructure we needed.
Thanks guys! You rock.

Live FLEX hacking by Manish Jethani

Manish Jethani stepped up to the stage at barcamp Delhi yesterday, opened up vi, and started hacking in FLEX. Within a period of about 15 minutes, he built a FLEX application that consumed the rss feeds from youtube, displayed the top videos in a data grid, and allowed you to play the videos. Check it out! An impressive testiment to the power of FLEX as a multimedia platform, all done with completely FREE (as in beer) technology. Really cool stuff.