SlideShare mind-melds with PowerPoint

We just released something really cool! It’s a.plugin for PowerPoint that lets you do pretty much anything that you can do on the website … from within PowerPoint.
As Keanu would say, whoa. Using PowerPoint to browse a site for sharing PowerPoint. Very meta.
We call it the “SlideShare Ribbon”. The best part IMHO is that you can search for PowerPoint files and download them directly from slideshare into PowerPoint. Also, uploading is really convenient, so if you’re working on a presentation, once it’s ready you just click one button and it will upload in the background.
The best BEST part, though, is something we really should have built into SlideShare (don’t worry, it’s coming soon). It’s a console that shows you how many views, comments, and favorites each of your presentations has received. If you’re using SlideShare to market your business, this is a really handy way to see, in one screen, exactly how many people you’ve been able to reach.
Major props to the Microsoft crew over in Seattle … they were incredibly helpful to us over the course of this project.