Ex-SlideShare Mafia on 2 Continents

A fair number of startups are starting to come out of the team that made SlideShare. One interesting twist is that the team was in both New Delhi and San Francisco, so startups are popping up on two continents now that have a little bit of the SlideShare secret sauce mixed into their recipe.

The biggest by far is Bash Gaming (already acquired for a higher price than SlideShare, in India, on less invested capital. Way to raise the bar Lalit Patel)!

Two startups are educational institutions: Startup Village (co-founded by Vishnu Gopal, the first engineer who worked on SlideShare) is an incubator where you can get a degree while starting a company. Holberton School (co-founded by Sylvain Kalache) is a 2-year full-stack engineering school with no teachers and a project-based curriculum based in downtown San Francisco. SlideShare always had a strong educational component, so this theme makes sense to me, but it is still pretty amazing.

Then there’s the Octopus Watch, an icon-based scheduler and watch for young kids that is currently doing amazing on kickstarter and was co-founded by Omar Alouf. Your kid wants one. And there’s PingPad (founded by Ross Mayfield, who was VP of BizDev at SlideShare). It’s a mobile app that allows users to easily author documents together. Of course the founder of SocialText would want to have another swing at document-based collaboration! Even SlideShare’s first accountant now has a startup: an ecommerce site with a focus on recycled furniture.

We live in amazing times where smart engineers with small amounts of capital can build great things. I can’t wait to see what the SlideShare diaspora makes next!

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