Delhi Ruby Geek Dinner

Manik and I will be hosting a Delhi meetup for Ruby enthusiasts this Friday. It’s completely informal: we’ll be drinking beer, eating food, and talking about Ruby and/or RubyOnRails. In that order.
We’re meeting up at the Piccadilly, in PVR plaza, Connaught Place 8PM this Friday (June 2nd). Needless to say, it’ll be dutch (Manik and I aren’t buying). If you’re a Delhi geek who grooves on Ruby, Rails, or domain specific languages in general, come on down! You have nothing to lose but your sobriety.

Blogging from 30,000 ft

It is human nature to be unsatisfied. When we get a new technology, it may initially impresses us a lot. But we habituate extremely rapidly to whatever the new norm is and start complaining again.
Case in point: my flight to Delhi is on Lufthansa, and Lufthansa planes now are wifi-enabled. Holy cow! OK, for 20 minutes I was impressed. But now I’m complaining to my seatmates about the download speed (162.1 kilobits per second? pathetic!), and the fact that not all ports are open (no skype? WTF?).
I’m sure 20 minutes after they develop cold fusion, we’ll find some reason to complain about that.

New mullet theme for wordpress

Gopalarathnam Venkatesan has just released an implementation of the mullet blog layout. It also supports the long tail archive! It’s plain looking (based on the default Kubrick theme) so you can customize it pretty easily to get the look you want, and most of the html will look pretty familiar. Gopalarathnam has a ton of screenshots up on flickr, so if you’re setting up a new wordpress blog, you can now have two options (the other one is Kapil Mohan’s mullet layout)!

DCamp is gonna rock!

DCamp (a barcamp-like event for DEE signers and DEE velopers) starts tonight in Palo Alto (at the socialtext offices, home of the original barcamp). Lots of awesome smart people are going to be presenting and sharing their ideas, including (but not limited to!) Sarah Allen from Laszlo, Rick Boardman from google, LukeW and Bill Scott from Yahoo!, Nate Bolt from Bolt/Peters, Micah Alpern from ebay, and Luke Hohmann from Ethniosys.
Sounds like my kind of party.

BarCamp Bangalore rocked the house

BarCamp Bangalore looks to have been an awesome event. Amit has a nice writeup. Writeups from stateside visitors emphasize the world is flat meme. Kamla had a nice speaker-by-speaker review. But my favorite posting is the mugshots taken of every participant.
When Amit, Gaurav, Manik, and I organized barcampdelhi, we were worried that nobody would show up. But it seems the barcamp meme has found a vibrant home in the indian tech community. Awesome!