Uzanto to sponsor BarCampDelhi: more sponsors needed!

Uzanto is contributing 200$ to help pay for BarCampDelhi. We still need a few more sponsors to help us pay for things like t-shirts … a couple more sponsorships in the 8000 Rupees (200$) range would help out a lot right now. This is a good way to support the Delhi technology scene, and get some visibility within it.
Contact me or Gaurav directly if you’re interested in sponsoring.

BarCampDelhi: pics of location

Delhi bar camp preparations are in full swing, with 41 registrations so far! Here’s some snapshots of the facilities Adobe is generously letting us use for the event. We’ll also have the use of their cafeteria, and possibly their ping-pong room as well. ;->
Some of the proposed sessions look really interesting. This is gonna be awesome!
* Ruby on Rails (Manik Juneja)
* Simple Sharing Extensions (Manik Juneja)
* Making AJAX applications faster (Jonathan Boutelle)
* Re-Inventing the wheel of Personal Information Management with a new TWIST ( (Mir Nazim,Dipankar sarkar)
* Designing Intuitive User Interfaces for web applications (Amit Ranjan)
* LinkNSurf – Social network on mobiles(Sunil Goyal)
* Bootstrapping a software startup in 7 difficult steps (Gaurav Bhatnagar)
* Can we trust next generation web applications ?(Kapil Bhatia )

The free beer movement

Is open source software appealing just because it’s free? In my experience, the typical developer rarely delves into the source code of the infrastructure they use. Rather, they use open source software because they can download it and start legally using it immediately in a production environment, and because it’s often better than other alternatives.
Recent events point to a new trend among proprietary software vendors offering free software in an effort to better compete with open source alternatives.

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Going to Delhi this week

I’m going to Delhi this week for a three-week stint. I’ll be working with the rest of the Uzanto engineering team on the next version of our awesome MindCanvas service, as well as doing some recruiting, interviewing, and general schmoozing.
It’ll be interesting to see how the tech scene in Delhi has changed in the last twelve months. When I was last there, the tech start-up scene was still a small community, relative to the insanity that is Bangalore. But I’m getting the sense that things are starting to change …