Uzanto office: new and improved!

Uzanto just finished our move from our crappy old office to our awesome new office. We are really psyched about this new space: it has 3 rooms, brick walls, and cool neighbors (the Mountain View Voice is in the same building, and Flock is next door). Most importantly, it has an awesome view of the Mountain View train station. Watching the tides of commuters come and go is fascinating, and we’ll have to be careful not to get distracted! If you’re looking for us, just go to the Mountain View train station and look across the street: we’re in the brick building pictured here:

In honor of the move, I’ve made a google mashup that shows our new location, as well as some other points of interest, including the all-important Dana St Coffee House. The mashup was made with photo source from, photostitched together and hosted on flickr. Geocoding was from the always-useful . And of course the maps are from google! So it’s a 4-way mashup, more or less.

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Utility Computing is here: meet the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon has been pushing the limits of distributed computing, offering very useful, reasonably priced computing services like their awesome online storage service (S3), and their queuing service (SQS). Now they’ve released something MUCH more generic and powerful: a hosting infrastructure that lets you preconfigure your desired servers (by giving Amazon a disk image of a Linux machine). It’s called the Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2 for short. When you want a server, you can then order it via the website and have it online within minutes. Pricing is a very reasonable 10 cents an hour (72$/month) plus bandwidth. Each instance provides the computing equivalent of a dedicated system with a 1.7Ghz Xeon CPU, 1.75GB of RAM, 160GB of local disk, and 250Mb/s of network bandwidth.

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