Uzanto office: new and improved!

Uzanto just finished our move from our crappy old office to our awesome new office. We are really psyched about this new space: it has 3 rooms, brick walls, and cool neighbors (the Mountain View Voice is in the same building, and Flock is next door). Most importantly, it has an awesome view of the Mountain View train station. Watching the tides of commuters come and go is fascinating, and we’ll have to be careful not to get distracted! If you’re looking for us, just go to the Mountain View train station and look across the street: we’re in the brick building pictured here:

In honor of the move, I’ve made a google mashup that shows our new location, as well as some other points of interest, including the all-important Dana St Coffee House. The mashup was made with photo source from, photostitched together and hosted on flickr. Geocoding was from the always-useful . And of course the maps are from google! So it’s a 4-way mashup, more or less.

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Uzanto to sponsor BarCampDelhi: more sponsors needed!

Uzanto is contributing 200$ to help pay for BarCampDelhi. We still need a few more sponsors to help us pay for things like t-shirts … a couple more sponsorships in the 8000 Rupees (200$) range would help out a lot right now. This is a good way to support the Delhi technology scene, and get some visibility within it.
Contact me or Gaurav directly if you’re interested in sponsoring.

Delhi AJAX hacker(s) wanted

Uzanto is looking to hire AJAX talent in Delhi. If you read this blog and you’re in Delhi, there’s a good chance you’re the kind of person we’re looking for.
We’re working on something really cool, and this is a chance to be doing really cutting-edge UI work. It’s all product development, not boring services work.
Be prepared to show me some cool JavaScript code that you’ve written, and answer detailed questions about it.
Candidates who are clued in to what’s happening in the web and are hip to the latest trends (LAMP, Ruby, etc) will be given priority treatment. We’re not looking for warm bodies here, we’re looking for clueful techs who are ready to take it to the next level. I don’t care what your GPA was or where you went to school, I care about what you’ve built and whether you can prove to me that you get things done.
We offer excellent pay and benefits, and a killer work environment.
p.s. If you’re this person but are in the bay area, I know a great startup that is hiring. Ping me (jon at uzanto) for details, and I’ll forward your resume.

Uzanto referred to in NYT article on small business tech

Rashmi was quoted in a recent New York Times article on how collaboration technology is revolutionizing small businesses. The “micro-multinational” (buzzword for startups with offices in two or more companies) simply wouldn’t exist without the internet, VOIP, and collaboration tools (skype, basecamp, webex/gotomeeting, etc).
I particularly like the article’s emphasis on how entrepreneurs are better positioned to work with foreign labor, because they are willing to put up with the headaches (staying up all night talking on skype) and have connections in the country where the work is taking place (something that is crucial to hiring the right people and having the trust necessary to operate remotely).
Excepts below:

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