Yahoo YUI hosting javascript!

OK I’m a few days late with this one. But Yahoo has announced that they will be hosting all current and subsequent versions of their YUI javascript library, for developers to use in applications, free of charge.
Why is this a big deal? Well, let’s take a look at some bandwidth stats for slideshare. 12.7% of our hits, and a monstrous 40% of our consumed bandwidth, are js files!
SlideShare don’t happen to use YUI (we use prototype and scriptaculous). But if we did, we would snap this up! Yahoo is effectively giving one more piece of distributed infrastructure to entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap a web startup. This is really generous of them.
Thanks, yahoo!

SlideShare: an evolving social system

We’ve been slowly adding more and more social features to slideshare over the last few months. You can now add slideshare members as friends, leave comments on their profile (we call that a “Ping”), or send private messages.
It’s been cool to see how all of this plays out. Here’s a nice article describing how Brian Kelly has been using slideshare to find like-minded slideshare members in his field. Excerpt below!
A few days ago I received an email alert which informed me that a number of the presentations had been added as a Favourite by a Slideshare user.
From his profile I discover that srains has a blog, Rolling Rains, which explores ‘the adoption of Universal Design (Design-for-All; Human-Centered Design) by the tourism industry’.
From the other slide show he has added to his list of favourites, I have found presentations which are of interest to me (including one on Two Trainers Trade Twenty Technology Training Tips and one on standards used on Oxfam Australia’s Web site).
Revisiting my uploaded slides I discover that the most popular of my presentations is Web 2.0: What Is It, How Can I Use It, How Can I Deploy It? with 666 views in two months, with 6 users including it in their list of favourite slideshows (jensjeppe,, noticiasmias2002, gerarddummer, erywin and MCL).
I can then follow their list of other favourites and the slides which they may have uploaded. And guess what: people who are interested in my slides on Web 2.0 are also interested in other slides on the same subject. So this ‘social network’ provides a form of resource discovery for me

Game Inspired RIA Design: Talk at UIE WebApp Summit

Game Inspired RIA Design: Talk at UIE WebApp Summit
I spoke a couple of weeks ago at the UIE WebApp summit in Monterey. It was a great event: lot’s of smart people working on building cool stuff. Some of the highlights: Bill Scott’s famous AJAX design talk, David Malouf’s talk on rich application design, Sean Kane’s talk about how Netflix was designed, and Thomas Vanderwal’s talk on tagging your world.
My talk was about game-inspired web design. Games, especially online casual games like bejeweled and the like, have been an important inspiration to the design of both mindcanvas and slideshare.
Rashmi gave a talk as well on designing for recommender systems.
The slides for both our talks are included below. If you’ve got any questions about my talk, comment on the relevent slide (on slideshare) and I’ll do my best to answer!