spammers scammers and it just gets wierder

We live in an age of constant spamming and scamming. First it was email spam, then it was comment/trackback spam and spyware. Phishing attacks and Nigerian identity grifters and … it’s enough to make you long for the good old days of face-to-face con men.
This is a new one for me though. What is, and why are they maintaining a url that redirects to my website?
I only found out about this when I looked at my server logs. If anyone has the answer please email me or post a comment. I’m way curious.

RIAs for data visualization: Electoral Maps

Most major news organizations are using RIAs in their election guides this year. The common factors are: one page design (multiple summary views with drill-down options), animated transitions from one piece of information to the other, and exceptional graphic quality. Anyone working on using RIAs to visualize large data sets should have a look at these various sites and how they approached the problem. What follows is a quick review!

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