HOW-TO: Make an AJAXified Digg-It button (with bonus RSS subscription!)

I made a little widget for my blog that supports both bookmarking (to popular bookmarking sites like Digg) and subscribing to my site (via popular RSS readers like BlogLines). The widget uses a little javascript to hide the (hideously tacky) icons of the various sites until the user clicks on it. Check out the top right corner of my blog, or the bottom of this article, for a demo.

The cool things about this widget are:
1) It is much less ugly and distracting than current solutions (which embed a gaudy list of icons into your blog).
2) It is independent on any server-side environment: because it’s all in javascript, it can run in WordPress, Moveable Type, Drupal, or any other blogging engine or CMS. In fact, it can run in any web page at all.
3) It frames RSS subscription in language the user can understand (e.g. “Add this to Bloglines”, rather than “XML”).

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