In Delhi for the next little while

I’m with my team in New Delhi, working on a whole truckload of new features for slideshare. I just got here yesterday, and I’ll be here for at least the next two weeks.
Anyone in Delhi who wants to meet up, give me a buzz! I’m especially interested in connecting with the Delhi Ruby/Rails community this trip. I’m also interviewing candidates for a few positions that we are hiring for (see this post for details).

Slideshare: open for business

Over the last few weeks, we’ve added a few servers to the slideshare cluster, and fixed a bunch of bugs. We’re ready for our closeup! From now on, you can browse slideshare without a userid (you still need to have a login if you want to upload PowerPoint files or comment on a slideshow however).
We’ve also added a Digg This! button. The coolest part is that the thumbnails of the slideshows already show up on digg. How do they do that???
Lots of social features still to come… but the biggest feature by far is the wacky content that some of our community members upload. Check out this animated fight between shaquille oneil, bin ladin, and george bush!

Want to work on slideshare?

We are amazed and thankful at the huge response we’ve gotten to SlideShare in just five days since launch, and need to hire developers and a sysadmin immediately to keep up with the enthusiasm. Positions available are for our team in New Delhi (the Uzanto team is a small, tightly-knit team of developers and designers in India & US).
We work with cutting edge technologies – Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and Amazon Web Services. We are looking for developers and a sys admins. Our setup consists of Ruby, Rails, MySQL, lighttpd/mongrel, Pound, FreeBSD, and Debian. We run our Rails apps on a 7-machine FreeBSD/Debian cluster (and Amazon S3).

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meet slideshare

Techcrunch broke the news this morning about, the new web app from Uzanto. Slideshare is a site for the social sharing of slideshows (PowerPoint and other types of presentations).
Anyone who wants an invite, sent me an email (jon AT uzanto DOT com) and I will hook you up! (Currently the site is invitation only: each account gets 10 invites to forward on to others). And you can read more of my writings about slideshare on the slideshare blog.
The cool thing is that you can embed slideshows into your blog, like this talk by my friend Ali, who is a teacher:

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