Google, yahoo, and hotmail spam filters compared

When a user signs up for slideshare, they receive an confirmation email that they need to respond to in order to activate their account. Frankly, the confirmation rate isn’t as high as we’d like (it’s about 87% since the site launched).
Most of this is due to spam filtering or blocking by the various email providers. For example, my own email provider temporarily rejects emails, causing a 5-10 minute delay in the arrival of the email!
I did some analysis of the conversion rates of users with different kinds of email addresses, and came to some surprising conclusions. This chart sums it all up:

Continue reading is gonna be huge! is a simple concept: it’s a clone of the hugely successful Demo conference, in India, run on a not-for-profit basis (for reference, the demo conference costs companies that choose to participate SERIOUS money). No powerpoints are allowed: you have ten minutes to demo a working product.
The list of companies that have been accepted is being kept under wraps until the event itself. I’ve talked to dozens of Indian entrepreneurs in the last month: I predict that there will be cool wireless stuff being demoed for sure!
Startups in India don’t have the nifty ecosystem that silicon valley companies do, so this is a valuable opportunity for anyone with working code to show their stuff to a room full of venture capitalists. Hopefully, press attention and possibly funding will follow.

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