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Techcrunch broke the news this morning about, the new web app from Uzanto. Slideshare is a site for the social sharing of slideshows (PowerPoint and other types of presentations).
Anyone who wants an invite, sent me an email (jon AT uzanto DOT com) and I will hook you up! (Currently the site is invitation only: each account gets 10 invites to forward on to others). And you can read more of my writings about slideshare on the slideshare blog.
The cool thing is that you can embed slideshows into your blog, like this talk by my friend Ali, who is a teacher:

What I’m hoping for with slideshare is that we’ll take all those old, dusty powerpoints rusting on peoples hard drives, and get them onto the web, so that other people can read them and learn from them. This is a huge amount of user-generated content, and it should be online!
The cool thing about slideshare is that it breaks slideshows down into their atomic unit: the slide as microcontent. Each slide is individually hyperlinkable, and has it’s own comment thread.
Is any of this making sense? Here’s some screenshots …
The front page:
The latest slideshows:
Looking at a presentation:
We’ve been working on this for a while, so it feels really good to finally be able to show this to other people!!!

3 thoughts on “meet slideshare

  1. Ankur October 4, 2006 / 6:59 am

    kudos … now i just hope slideshare becomes part of the internet pop culture … aka flickr of slides …

  2. Eddie October 5, 2006 / 12:00 pm

    This is worth it alone just not have to ever hear anyone ask (in a conference) “yeah, are these slides going to be made available?”

  3. Bhasker Kode October 15, 2006 / 8:14 pm

    gr8 to see the response its ben gettign ,as well to see a company blending he best of ajax ,flash , and not afraid to experiment ..all the best 8 )
    Keep Clicking,

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