spammers scammers and it just gets wierder

We live in an age of constant spamming and scamming. First it was email spam, then it was comment/trackback spam and spyware. Phishing attacks and Nigerian identity grifters and … it’s enough to make you long for the good old days of face-to-face con men.
This is a new one for me though. What is, and why are they maintaining a url that redirects to my website?
I only found out about this when I looked at my server logs. If anyone has the answer please email me or post a comment. I’m way curious.

4 thoughts on “spammers scammers and it just gets wierder

  1. Manu Sharma November 25, 2004 / 3:50 pm

    Soap Thyme seems to be a small web-based outfit that makes handmade soaps. I don’t think this is a case of spamming. The site redirects to yours using the alias method [their URL remains in the address bar] which suggests it’s something to do with configuration at your host. Note, when one tries to visit their original “about us” page one gets the same error that your site was showing when it was down.
    Just looked up the server details of both the sites at Netcraft. Sure enough, they are identical. Take a look. FreeBSD Apache/1.3.29 25-Nov-2004 pair Networks FreeBSD Apache/1.3.29 25-Nov-2004 pair Networks
    This happened with me once, long ago. However, in my case, I was on the redirected end. I thought my site was hacked! The funny thing was it’d only redirect when I accessed it from my computer and would work just fine in a cyber cafe. Had a tough time convincing the customer support people that this was the case.
    I think it happens when the host puts too many sites in one virtual directory. But that’s just a crude guess. I don’t know squat about how virtual hosting [or dedicated for that matter] works.
    Good to see you site up again Jon.

  2. Manu Sharma` November 25, 2004 / 3:54 pm

    Another thing, the comment link on your homepage leads to monthly archive instead of entry archive.

  3. jon December 7, 2004 / 9:26 pm

    Thanks Manu. The transition to MT3.0 has not been troublefree, and I’m still working the kinks out (notice the wierdness when you try to look at category archives or monthly archives, or when you post a comment: I need to cook up some templates for those, as the old templates were lost in the move).
    FYI, it was exactly what you said. Here’s an email I got from Pair support.
    It looks like what happened is that the site ‘’ is an old
    site that used to be hosted by pair Networks. This site was canceled
    quite some time ago, and after a while, it’s old IP Address was
    re-assigned to your domain.
    It looks ‘’ was never removed from the Nameservers, which is
    why it was loading your Web site when accessed. I have removed this old
    domain from both Nameservers that were responding for it, and within 48
    hours, that old domain should no longer load your site.
    Again, we are sorry about the mixup, and if you have any other questions
    or problems, just let us know.
    Thank you,
    pair Networks, Inc.
    Just goes to show… never attribute to malfeasance what can be explained by incompetence.

  4. Manu Sharma December 21, 2004 / 3:38 am

    That’s a nice spin to an old quote 🙂

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