Webyantra … the techcrunch of india?

Webyantra.net launched last month, and is profiling the indian web startup scene better than any other site I’ve found. Especially interesting stuff on Indimoto (online carpools), Picsquare (flickr of India), Tezaa (online polls), Wallet365 (online payments), and OLX (classified ads). My personal favorite? Onyoma, a local search site that has been founded by some IIT Delhi kids.

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Uzanto referred to in NYT article on small business tech

Rashmi was quoted in a recent New York Times article on how collaboration technology is revolutionizing small businesses. The “micro-multinational” (buzzword for startups with offices in two or more companies) simply wouldn’t exist without the internet, VOIP, and collaboration tools (skype, basecamp, webex/gotomeeting, etc).
I particularly like the article’s emphasis on how entrepreneurs are better positioned to work with foreign labor, because they are willing to put up with the headaches (staying up all night talking on skype) and have connections in the country where the work is taking place (something that is crucial to hiring the right people and having the trust necessary to operate remotely).
Excepts below:

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The achiles heel of infosys

Amit Ranjan has an excellent piece on how the blue-chip body shops in India need to move up the value chain before their labor arbitrage play expires. He writes
Their main competitive advantage (price competiveness due to labour costs differential) is time-barred and come with a limited shelf life: price arbitrage will eventually force the imperfections in markets to converge towards a price equilibrium).

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