Cell phone as disruptive innovation

Amit has a great post on cell phones as a disruptive technology. Indian carrier Airtel yesterday announced support for person-to-person payment by cellphone (which will be a BIG deal in terms of opening up an electronic payment method to millions of Indian consumers).

Amit goes on to list all the devices and businesses that the cell phone can replace in India. It’s a long list!
Wristwatches getting obviated due to presence of cellphone
Travel agencies losing business to online/SMS based railway/air ticketing
Alarm Clocks getting substituted by cellphones
Digital Diary becoming obsolete due to multifunctional cellphones
Phones calls/email getting partly substituted by SMS
Digital Cameras getting substituted by camera cellphones
Music Casettes/CDs getting substituted by IPOD [or mulitfunctional cellphone]
International Phone Calls getting substituted by VOIP( read Skype )

I’ve definitely decided to never buy another wristwatch, alarm clock, or portable FM radio (all that is in my current cell phone). What device will my cell phone replace next?

2 thoughts on “Cell phone as disruptive innovation

  1. Propertytalaash September 22, 2005 / 7:03 am

    Yeah the tech advances fast man…

  2. Jonathan Boutelle September 22, 2005 / 9:44 am

    Hey ramadamdam,
    Cool site! Indian property market is an exciting sector for a startup right now.
    How many guys are on your team? Where are you based? Do you blog?

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