New mullet theme for wordpress

Gopalarathnam Venkatesan has just released an implementation of the mullet blog layout. It also supports the long tail archive! It’s plain looking (based on the default Kubrick theme) so you can customize it pretty easily to get the look you want, and most of the html will look pretty familiar. Gopalarathnam has a ton of screenshots up on flickr, so if you’re setting up a new wordpress blog, you can now have two options (the other one is Kapil Mohan’s mullet layout)!

Mullet sighting at

JustAddWater has implemented the mullet blog layout, and written an article about it. Here’s his description of the mullet:
1. At the top of our front page we list the latest 5 articles showing the headline, the excerpt and other relevant links and information:
2. Below the teasers of first 5 articles we show headlines along with publishing dates of the previous 35 articles.

Now if he would just implement a long tail archive

Jeroun Coumans adopts the mullet blog layout

Jeroun Coumans redesigned his blog. Among the improvements? He’s switched to the mullet layout I’m always blabbing about.
Finally, I’ve taken lesson from Jonathan Boutelle and made my journal more useful (hopefully) thanks to his concept of a Mullet-style blog layout According to my referrals, there are plenty of you entering here via Google, so this should help those visitors to more easily find their way through this site.
Long live the mullet! Wear it with pride, web-folk!

Mullet Layout on

Hojuin is trying to get a mullet layout working on (The mullet layout is explained in greater detail here , along with a movable type implementation). Lots more mullet articles are available for the curious. It’s basically an easy way to display radically more content on the front page of a blog.
I unfortunately know nothing about templates, so I’m not in a position to help. If there’s anyone out there who knows how to hack on, please give this guy a hand. The blogosphere will thank you for it!

MulletWatch 2005: Read/Write Mullet

Richard MacManus’s blog uses the mullet layout to excellent effect. Read/write web actually has two blogs within it. His linkblog ( is a classic mullet. The top seven stories displaying links and excerpts, and the next eight just displaying links. His main blog ( uses a modified mullet that has anchor links at the top of the page, as well as shorter links at the bottom for older entries. This is a nice touch: the addition of the anchor links means that links to the top 5 stories are always “above the fold” on the front page. I dub it “the sandwich”.