Implementing “The Mullet”: a how-to guide

Several readers have emailed me, asking what is the easiest way to convert your blog from “standard” layout to a mullet layout. The code is dead easy (at least in movable type).

The only changes that are needed are on your main index template. The first loop is normal, just shortened to 5 entries from the typical 8 or 10:
MTEntries lastn=”5″


Follow this up with a second MTEntries tag. Inside that MTEntries tag, put your shortened layout (just the permalink and the date, for example). Use the offset attribute of the MTEntries tag to avoid repeating the top posts.

MTEntries lastn=”45″ offset=”5″
…shortened layout goes here ….

That’s all there is to it! I don’t know how you would do this in WordPress, but I have to assume it’s pretty similar: if anyone gets a WordPress mullet going, send a link my way and I will post the code here.

One thought on “Implementing “The Mullet”: a how-to guide

  1. Kapil Mohan January 22, 2006 / 9:04 pm

    Mullet code for WordPress

    Hey, below is the blog mulletization code for WordPress powered weblogs. It’s damn easy. Have fun!
      // to count posts inside WP loop
      // num…

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