Delhi PHP hackers

Lots of Delhi php hackers at barcampdelhi2 were interested in kapil’s talk about making the switch to Ruby (from PHP).
After completing the first iteration of slideshare, we estimated that it would have taken twice as long in PHP: and all of the developers on the project were experienced PHP guys who were new to ruby!
Good PHP developers seem to learn ruby and rails extremely quickly, so the payoff from switching is pretty immediate.

Upcoming barcamps in India

This month will see an embarassment of riches for Indian alpha geeks. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR barcamps are scheduled. This weekend it’s barcampbangalore2. Coming up on december 9th is barcampdelhi2. And finally, barcamppune2 and barcamphydrabad3 is coming up on the 16th and 17th of December.
I’ll be at the Delhi (duh) and Pune barcamps. I don’t think I can make Bangalore or Hydrabad(I’m checking to see if last-minute air tickets are available though).
Since we helped organize the first barcamp in India earlier this spring, there have been more barcamps in India than in any other country besides the US.

BarCamp Bangalore rocked the house

BarCamp Bangalore looks to have been an awesome event. Amit has a nice writeup. Writeups from stateside visitors emphasize the world is flat meme. Kamla had a nice speaker-by-speaker review. But my favorite posting is the mugshots taken of every participant.
When Amit, Gaurav, Manik, and I organized barcampdelhi, we were worried that nobody would show up. But it seems the barcamp meme has found a vibrant home in the indian tech community. Awesome!