Did I mention we’re hiring?

Uzanto is still growing our team in Dehli. So why should you come work for us instead of the other guy? I’ve got a top 10 list.

1)Exposure to AJAX, FLEX, Flash, and any other rich web technology that has been or will be invented.
2)Product work: no consulting, no deluded clients, no tense midnight meetings: just hard-core product development.
3)Exposure to the “traditional” enterprise stack: java, sqlserver
4)We are based in South Delhi and will remain there. No commuting to Gurgaoun or Noida. No moving to Bangalore.
5)Exposure to “nontraditional” enterprise stack: LAMP / Ruby on Rails
6)A chance to own responsibility for a significant chunk of a killer product (MindCanvas).
7)No office politics, paperwork, meetings, or other corporate bullshit
8)Generous pay packages and bonus structure
9)Get known! We encourage our employees to blog about their work.
10)You won’t believe some of the things we’re planning on building in the next year.
If you’re interested, see me or Amit for details.