New Yahoo Maps kick ass with Flash

The new Yahoo! maps (released just over an hour ago) is amazing. The app is very smooth and slick, and makes heavy use of yahoo yellow-pages data. It’s integrated with real-time traffic info as well. The experience of dragging and dropping the map, and zooming in and out, is _nearly_ as smooth as google maps (hey for day one that is terrific. There’s lots of room for optimization with this kind of code).
Yahoo! is playing the fast follower game, and playing it well (see also an earlier post on the new Yahoo! email client). And they’re obviously thinking hard about using the right technology for the right job, rather than simply copying the google approach.

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Swagger in their step: Macromedia before the acquisition

Amit Ranjan (the head of Uzanto’s India operations) has a great post describing the Macromedia MAX conference in Delhi (a conference I went to last year).
The conference happened mere weeks before the announced merger with Adobe. His report gives insight into the spirit of Macromedia immediately pre-merger, describing a marketing/technical team with “a swagger in their walk”, feeling they have the potential to be the “Microsoft of the web”. Pride goes before the fall, boys!


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Affordance and the API

Geeks spend a lot of time talking about what’s possible with a particular technology. We pride ourselves in being able to wring every drop of interactivity out of a platform, of doing things with the tools that the toolmakers never would have thought possible. As a result, any argument about software platforms often falls into the following pattern: Detractor of Platform A will say something like “you can’t do drag and drop in Platform A”. Supporter of Platform A will respond that you can so drag and drop in Platform A, and will post the code to prove it. Score one for the supporter: the detractor simply wasn’t able to use the tool.

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