Allurent: FLEX-based shopping cart?

Allurent just emerged out of stealth mode today. Their product? An RIA shopping cart for ecommerce stores. They seem to be doing their development in FLEX.

It is certainly true that static html shopping cart leaves a lot to be desired, and therefore leaves a lot of money on the table. We’ve seen a few good examples of flash-based shopping carts (namely TJMaxx and ihotelier), but this is the first generic shopping cart I know of that is being sold to third parties. (Panic goods, are you listening? Release an AJAX version of this stuff!)
The article tics down the disadvantages of simple HTML-based shopping carts:

It takes time to load pages. HTML also dictates the order of events–enter shipping information first, then billing information, etc. And HTML is more static compared to the more animated Flash-based programs. “That whole interaction is kind of clumsy,” Chung said.
The rise of high-speed Internet access and dynamic Web applications like Flash are combining to make online shopping a much slicker experience, Forrester Research analyst Harley Manning said. And shopping carts are just the beginning. Browsing and product search are getting makeovers too. “It’s an idea that’s reached a tipping point,” Manning said. “Bandwidth is faster, processing is faster, and people are building these more sophisticated sites.”

Rich interfaces are a trend, the only question is what technology will be used!

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  1. Mike Rankin September 9, 2005 / 6:36 pm

    Man, I think you /.ed them.

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