Swagger in their step: Macromedia before the acquisition

Amit Ranjan (the head of Uzanto’s India operations) has a great post describing the Macromedia MAX conference in Delhi (a conference I went to last year).
The conference happened mere weeks before the announced merger with Adobe. His report gives insight into the spirit of Macromedia immediately pre-merger, describing a marketing/technical team with “a swagger in their walk”, feeling they have the potential to be the “Microsoft of the web”. Pride goes before the fall, boys!


Amit asks: now that Macromedia has been acquired, will all this energy simply be dissapated? Adobe is not really a company known for it’s innovation, and Amit (along with many other observers) expects the primary reason for the merger was to reduce competition in the lucrative design tools market. In the (translated from PR->english) words of the Adobe press release:
Dude, we just bought the only significant competitor to several of our flagship applications. We didn’t buy Macromedia, we bought the market.

But if Adobe were trying to do something as audacious as create a “Microsoft of the web”, gluing together the two dominant binary formats (pdf and flash) into one company is as good a place as any to start. Amit writes:
However, destiny probably has a different future in store for Macromedia and its products. In this big bad world of mega mergers and takeovers, where the left hand does not know what the right hand is unto, the fate of companies can change in double quick time.
With Adobe buying out Macromedia, it would be very interesting to see what Adobe plans to do to Macromedia’s brand name and its products. While it is likely that the real intention behind Adobe’s buyout is to simply kill any likely competition that it might have otherwise faced from Macromedia in the design workspace, it is quite possible that Adobe actually saw the future of web services and Macromedia’s role in it as the most attractive takeaways in the buyout process.