Rashmi interview with Guy Kawasaki, Mike Arrington

At the “art of the start” conference last week, Michael Arrington from TechCrunch was interviewed by Guy Kawasaki about “How to Get on TechCrunch”. Michael basically said that you shouldn’t use words like “revolutionary” and “web 2.0” to describe your site: it’s too generic and doesn’t carry any information. He cited slideshare as an example of a good pitch (our pitch was “YouTube for Powerpoint”). Rashmi was called up onto the stage to talk about the “TechCrunch effect” and the effect it had on slideshare.
Here’s the video of rashmi being interviewed. The funniest part is when Rashmi mentions that people upload sermons to slideshare. Guy responded in a deadpan voice “well, God does have 30% market share”. Worth watching!