Web site monitoring service recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good website monitoring service (doesn’t have to be free)?
I need sms and email alerts, the ability to send alerts when response time goes up or when a page contains particular text, and a minimum of false positives.
So far I’ve tested the following freebies and found them lacking in one way or another:
site247 (false positives: otherwise would have seemed the best option)
Mon.itor.us (tests only once a day. Very confusing interface)
Montastic (way too basic)
Next up for evaluation are the following paid services: if anyone has any experience with these, or has other services they think I should try, post a comment below!
doc-com monitor
11/15 Correction: mon.itor.us actually tests much more often than once a day.

9 thoughts on “Web site monitoring service recommendations

  1. Gus November 14, 2006 / 4:03 am

    I have used website pulse for several years. It does it’s job well.

  2. Jim November 14, 2006 / 5:49 am

    I used to use a product called Servers Alive – I’d run it on a PC in our office as well as another off-site location – and both would monitor our servers which resided in yet another location. Inexpensive – easy to setup and very powerful – and you don’t have to rely on a third-party.

  3. Ken November 14, 2006 / 8:38 am

    We use easydns for dns and they just began offering a new monitoring service in preparation for new failover functionality. Only thing is you have to use them for your DNS (but they are excellent for that).
    Another option would be nagios (open source).

  4. Tim November 14, 2006 / 10:33 am

    I’ve been happy using the free service offered by siteuptime. Seems to be accurate and notifies me when the site is back up.

  5. Mike November 14, 2006 / 6:45 pm

    I tried alertsite, hyperspin and websitepulse.
    Hyperspin had free monitoring when they started (2 years ago, if I am not wrong) but I was disappointed from the service: they were saying they were monitoring from several locations… They spared the “small” detail: performance measurments have been taken from ONE location ONLY at the time. The next measurement (30 min. later) was made from another location indeed, but NEVER simultaneusly. If you have mirrored content on servers located on the East and on the West coast for example, measurements from one location are not quite objective. Also, I am not sure if they had a way to confirm the malfunction before sending you a notification e-mail.
    Alertsite are much more sophisticated and offer load balance measurement alongside with the basic services. They are definitely a better choice than Hyperspin but do not have live support. You ahve to e-mail them on nights and weekends and I do not believe this should be the customer service standard in the dynamic environment of the the today’s e-business.
    Finally, we chose WebSitePulse and we are very pleased with them. They have every feature and option you might need; if they do not have it, they can make it for you; 24/7 live customer support at no additional charge; total flexibility allowing you to pay only for what you really need; 30 days full-size free trial + 30 days money back guarantee (that makes it 60 days free, if you want); they match (and beat) all comparable offers and have a very convenient transaction recorder if you have different providers and you have concerns about their overall integration with your infrastructure. You can tell that the representatives are not Americans and sometimes they have trouble communicating with you but at least they are trying very hard to solve your problem; worst case scenario is for you to have to follow up the conversation with an e-mail to make sure they got it. But we can live with that and have no plans to switch to another provider… Hope this helps

  6. Avoyan November 15, 2006 / 6:16 am

    wrong information about http://mon.itor.us – it tests the unlimited amount of sites from 3 locations every hour (it says once a day which is wrong)

  7. Andre Charland November 16, 2006 / 4:42 pm

    Been using the free 1 url version of siteuptime.com. But goes to my blackberry. Pretty good and reliable…but don’t use it that heavy duty.

  8. Jon November 18, 2006 / 4:18 pm

    Here is another one with good prices and great support :
    30 days trial version (5 applications every 10 min, from 5 servers and 10 sms offered!)
    Many protocols, it is a small company but they are improving their services frequently!

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