WATiR: Web Application Testing in Ruby

WATiR (Web Application Testing in Ruby) is being demoed by Angrez Singh from Persistent Systems now at delhibarcamp. It looks like a compelling way to generate test scripts for web applications. You turn it on, use the web application according to your test, and it automatically generates Ruby script that will replicate the action. You can also write the script yourself. The API looks pretty simple and well-designed. This would work for any application, you don’t need to use RUBY in your development.
WATiR is IE-specific, which is a drag. The folks at Persistent Systems (based out of Pune) have built a Firefox extension that lets you use WATiR to test on Firefox! They also have built an extension that supports querying the DOM by XPATH in your text scripts. Everything they’ve written is open-sourced and available for anyone to use for free.
Lots of Ruby and AJAX stuff is happening in Dehli. But frankly there are at least 10 people at this conference who flew in from Pune. If I was starting up in India I would consider Pune as a base: it seems to have a lot of super-enthusiastic hackers.

2 thoughts on “WATiR: Web Application Testing in Ruby

  1. Dibya March 4, 2006 / 9:40 pm

    Our India office (Reevik) is based in Pune,and we work a lot on RubyonRails and Watir.
    Tried Selenium,but WATIR is better at this moment.

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