Adobe to buy macromedia

I am dumbfounded!
Adobe has a dry press release, Mike Chambers provides some thoughtful commentary, and Mark Cantor spews some bile on the proceedings. Om Malik and Genuine VC cover the business angle. Slashdotters and Metafites have various opinions, as usual. Ross Mayfield also has a nice summary.

Update (4/22/05): hilarious translation of the dry Adobe press release.

I have nothing useful to say about this, except that I’ve worked at companies going through complex buy-outs, acquisitions, mergers, etc: it’s ALWAYS a distraction, it always slows things down.

Xamlon: a .NET->SWF compiler!

Xamlon has released to beta a new developer product (Xamlon Flash Edition) that will compile a .Net program down to a SWF runtime. Like most good ideas, it seems obvious only in retrospect. News stories , many blog postings, and even tutorials all seem pretty postitive so far. Most criticisms seem focussed on SWF as a deployment technology rather than Xamlon per se. The dubious buzzword AFLAX (AJAX with flash) is used to describe what is really a standard Flash application.


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A talk by Geoffrey Moore

Geoffrey Moore, the author of “Crossing the Chasm” (the “unofficial bible of silicon valley”) will be giving a talk entitled “What Kind of Software Company are You Trying to Build” in Santa Clara next Tuesday. The event is hosted by the software SIG of TIE Silicon Valley.
I’ve written about Moore’s model and it’s implications for usability before. As the owner of a tiny little software company myself, I expect to learn a lot from this event about how to position our software in the marketplace. Notes on a talk he gave a few weeks ago should give a sense of what to expect.


Trip report from Recent Innovations in Search BayCHI event

The BayCHI panel on Search innovation was a huge success. I’ve never seen the main auditorium at PARC so full…the aisles were full of people sitting on the floor (don’t tell the fire marshal) and 30 or so people had to watch remotely from a television in the lobby.
I’ll start by summarizing the key themes that came out in the panel discussion / questions and answer session. I’ll follow up with a blow-by-blow that captures some of the specifics of the show-and-tell that each company was allowed to do.

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Games, flow and RIA design

I have never been much of a game player. Apart from the occasional game of Solitaire during college (and a seriously disturbing brush with Grand Theft Auto last year), I managed not to get addicted even while hanging out with game obsessed geeks, and building Tetris for a computer science course. I would look at people addicted to computer games, and congratulate myself on knowing better.


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