Laszlo Unchained

The newest release of the Laszlo Presentation server (version 3.0b2) allows developers to use Laszlo technology (LZX) to develop swf-based applications, without requiring IT department to run the resulting applications using the Laszlo presentation server.

This is a big deal: any company with a functioning IT department is going to be very particular about whatever code runs on their server. But Laszlo is certainly a safer way of engineering a SWF-based application than using the Flash IDE (thanks to having auditable text-based source files). So if a company was considering using Flash at all, they now have a reason to at least consider using Laszlo.
Minor caveats: persistent connection, SOAP, and XML-RPC don’t work without the server. So sad. And the swf code generated by 3.0b2 is only compatible with the flash 6 or 7 plugin (as opposed to the earlier backwards-compatibility with flash 5). With flash 6 penetration rates at 95% and rising, I don’t think this is a real issue.