Quicken plays dirty pool

Quicken announced a few days ago that they would turn off the web service connections that millions of Quicken 2002 users use to to automatically download banking records. Not sunsetting phone support or discontinuing new bug fixes: they literally are going to turn the service off, as of April 15th. Your only option as a customer is to buy Quicken 2005.

This is the worst case of bait-and-switch I’ve ever seen. The software I bought in early 2003 is going to stop working after a little more than 2 years of use. My business runs on quicken software, so I really don’t have a choice but to upgrade.
Fortunately, I have a USAA credit card. 3 months ago, they mailed me a free copy of quicken 2005. This had to do with the fact that their system is being upgraded. Since I was downloading USAA data (for free), they wanted to make sure that my accounting was not messed up by the upgrade.
I’d like to say that Intuit has lost me as a customer for life, but the depressing fact is that they probably have me locked in. Switching accounting software is too painful for me to contemplate right now (even upgrading sounds like more work than I’d like to consider). However, I will NOT be buying their tax software this year (last year I bought the 100$ deluxe package). And USAA has gained a customer for life: the next time I’m looking for car insurance or a home morgage, I will definitely look carefully at their offerings.
So cheers to USAA, and jeers to Intuit. There’s no better way to kill a business than to create a ground-swell of negative publicity from irate customers. It’s 2005, someone in the marketing department at Quicken should get on the cluetrain already.