BayCHI Meeting: Is an RIA in your future?

On August 10th there is going to be a very cool BayCHI panel, down at ye old Xerox Parc research center. David Temkin (from Laszlo), Mike Sundermeyer (from Macromedia), Iain Lamb and Ethan Diamond from Oddpost, and Jim Hobart (from Classic Systems Solutions) are going to be talking about RIAs and how they impact usability.

This discussion should be good. A lot of the focus on RIAs so far has been on the development end of things: this panel will really focus on the usability and design challenges in RIA development. There should also be some discussion of ROI / business issues. I’ve seen Mike and David speak previously, and and they’re both articulate, bright people with strong opinions about what software interfaces will be like in the future. The Oddpost guys (the odd couple?) should have something interesting to say about building a killer app, RIA-style.

2 thoughts on “BayCHI Meeting: Is an RIA in your future?

  1. Arpit July 24, 2004 / 3:30 am

    It will be really cool if you could share the Ruturn of investment part. As a flash developer… wud be really interested on that piece as most companies still stick to the conventional form of web apps.

  2. jon July 24, 2004 / 1:16 pm

    To even talk sensibly about ROI, you have to start with the specifics of the business case.
    * Who is the user?
    * Who is the buyer?
    * How easy is it for your customers to jump ship (switching costs)
    * What are your competitors doing?
    * What else might you do with the money?
    In general, when the user is the buyer it is a good thing.
    In general, when the buyer isn’t yourself it’s a good thing (internal IT projects can be very tricky to prove ROI for).
    In general, the less your competitors have invested in the user experience, the more likely that a small investment will have a large effect (because you can use it as a differentiator). But the more your competitors have invested in the user experience, the more you have to invest just to maintain parity.
    I’ll do a blog post on this soon: it’s an issue that I’m quite interested in, and have thought about a fair bit.

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