SlideShare launches freemium business model

Over the years, we’ve learned that a lot of people use slideshare for marketing their businesses. Those people have very specific feature needs: things like social analytics (who tweeted my document?) and custom channels (my profile has to convey my brand) and ad removal (self-explanatory ;->). Some enterprise users even need to be able to do things that would seem weird to a consumer, like turn comments off (the reasons for this are usually regulatory).

Today, we’ve announced an offering that makes SlideShare the most complete platform on the web for doing social media marketing. You can upload your documents, presentations, and videos, wrap them in a custom page with your own branding, get advanced analytics to find out who your viewers are and how they arrived on your pages, and track the conversation about your documents and videos on twitter and facebook. You can capture contact information (“leads”) using your documents, and you can view your raw traffic for more clues about who reads your documents and how they got there. We give you everything you need so you can not only use slideshare to reach a huge audience, but quantify the results of that effort to your own organization.

I’m working on a screencast that will show what these features look like … meanwhile check out this case study from Eric Ries for a behind-the-scenes look at how we “pivoted” towards the current offering, making plenty of mistakes along the way!

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