Happy Birthday SlideShare!

SlideShare is one year old today. We’re celebrating in typical web fashion: messing with our logo.

I’m really proud of everything our team has been able to accomplish over the last year, and incredibly grateful to all our users for their enthusiastic support. We never expected it to get this big, this fast, and we’re now solving all kinds of cool scaling issues thanks to the traffic we’re getting, even as we work on adding super-duper new features.
Thanks to everybody who helped us get here (you know who you are ;->).

One thought on “Happy Birthday SlideShare!

  1. Arun Ramarathnam October 7, 2007 / 7:46 am

    We share this moment of joy with you and the team. Many of us love this product. I was at Hackday at Bangalore yesterday and there were many fans of this product who were chatting up about it.
    Congratulations to Team Slideshare!.
    BTW the next Barcamp Bangalore is around the corner (November). Hope to see you there…

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