AJAX && Flash at SXSW08

I’ve submitted a panel idea for South by Southwest 2008. If enough people vote for it, I’ll by talking about “AJAX and Flash mistakes”. My theory is that people talk way too much about successes, and not enough about their failures. We’ve had plenty of each, but if accepted, I’ll be talking exclusively about our failures.
So please: vote for me! The panel picker interface this year is very gmail-esque and cool.
My talk from last year was an inspirational little thing about how Flash and AJAX have a lot of synergies. Check it out below.

While you’re at it, vote for Rashmi’s MUCH funnier panel on “True Stories from Social Media Sites”. It will be a guaranteed laff riot. And it has audience participation, so it will wake you from your deepest SXSW hangover. Here’s the description:
Social websites are funny places. What stories do you tell over drinks with friends? Tell us about when someone accidently revealed their company’s business plans, or uploaded the *wrong* folder of pictures to your site. Share stories of funny bugs, features gone haywire, or crazy customer emails. Stories solicited from audience (maximum 5 minutes / story).