WordPress.com now supports slideshare!

We’re super-happy to announce that WordPress.com now supports slideshare embeds. This has been a feature that our uses have been requesting since we launched.
Since wordpress.com strips out embedded code by default, the way is works is you grab a special “wordpress short code” from slideshare. You paste that into your blog article, and the slideshow will appear.
They also added us to their “slideshows” link (which also has short codes for slide.com, rockyou, and splashcast).
Thanks wordpress.com!

3 thoughts on “WordPress.com now supports slideshare!

  1. Akhil Bansal April 21, 2007 / 11:27 am

    Hey Jon,
    Thats really great!

  2. Mandy April 24, 2007 / 12:45 am

    Funny! I didn’t know wordpress doesn’t support embed tags? I use blogger (which I thought was based on wordpress) that allows for embed tags?

  3. Jon April 24, 2007 / 1:31 pm

    Akhil: Thanks!
    Mandy: you’re confused. ;-> Blogger was Evan Williams company (who went on to Odeo and Twitter fame). It’s a big competitor of wordpress (which is Matt Mullenweg’s project: started as open source blogging software, now is a big hosted blog network). Totally different, big competitors of each other.

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