Web 2.0 Expo: cool stuff list

Here’s some cool stuff I’ve seen so far at the Web 2.0 Expo.
iCalico: open-source conference social web app. From the tag-team duo Kellan and Rabble. Awesome stuff! You can rate talks, tag stuff, maintain your own schedule, everything you would expect from such an app. Super-cool.
(Update: conferenceer seems a somewhat similar app (found it off Chris Messina’s Twitter feed). Cool!
Spock is a search engine for searching for people. For example, if you type “arrested drunk driving” into it, it returns a list of people (#1 is Dick Cheney, #4 is Bush! Didn’t see any Kennedies on the list). VERY awesome, can’t wait for this to be out in the open (it’s in private beta now).
I also saw an amazing social app that I didn’t get the name of. It’s like youtube for beats. Simple recordings of beats get uploaded to the site, and tagged. People use the site to find beats to use while rapping. The folks doing it at the expo were amazing: it was the kind of thing you see in movies like “8 Mile”. I want to find out what this application was called today, if I do I’ll post it here.
UPDATE: The site is called dabeetz, from MedioStream. I tracked it down on mashable.