Surviving the digg effect for social sites

Slideshare got it’s first real digging yesterday. The results are very visible, since slideshare is a social system that tracks page views publicly.
As of this moment, Cats, a collection of funny cat photos put together by EGK, has had 59641 views. It has been up for three days, and has had almost 3 times as much traffic as it’s closest competitor, Frases Navidenas.
This is clearly due to the fact that cats got dugg. I had no idea that diggers were into cat photos, but apparently they are!
I’m happy to report that our servers had no trouble at all handling the traffic. We’re glad for the traffic and exposure to the digg audience.
However, it’s interesting the distorting effects that one link can have on a social system like slideshare. Four weeks of our loyal users watching the driving in bolivia slideshow have been undone by a swarm of traffic from digg.
Digg is becoming powerful enough not only to drive lots of traffic to sites, but to drive up the rank of particular pieces of content within a given site. I wonder now whether the most popular videos on youtube are popular because of being dugg? With so many sites ranking stories, videos, or other content on the basis of views, digg leaves it’s mark on the web every day by directing a river of traffic towards select pieces of content. Freaky!