Slideshare plugins for wordpress!

We’ve been working on our own wordpress plugin, but apparently not fast enough! Today I found out that Koen and Microsklave have both released wordpress plugins for embedding slideshare slideshows into a wordpress blog.
To be clear, there is currently no problem embedding into a wordpress blog: these plugins simply make the syntax a little prettier (by accepting a permalink rather than an embed code as input). The cool thing will be if one of these (either our plugin or theirs, we don’t care which) was deployed on That way millions of users will be able to embed slideshows.
We’re a bit embarrassed that the internet beat us to this task, but we’re also psyched that people are passionate enough about slideshare to write code like this. Thanks guys!

One thought on “Slideshare plugins for wordpress!

  1. Andre Charland December 21, 2006 / 10:21 am

    hey man that’s amazing! you shouldn’t be embarrassed, you should be honored the “internet” built a plugin for your app. high five!

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