Slideshare: new social features!

We just rolled out a whole bunch of new features on Slideshare. The writeup is here. The biggest new feature is that we now have a way to save your favorite slideshows, and optionally tag them.

This is a really big deal, because it makes it possible to remember slideshows you’ve seen on slideshare. So many slideshows are being uploaded that it’s now hard to find something you saw a week or two ago. Being able to bookmark a slideshow means that you’ll always be able to find it.
Tags were supported in our initial release, but you could only tag your own content. Now you can tag other people’s content as well. And if you just want to save a slideshow as a favorite (without tagging it) you can do that as well. Here’s a couple of screenshots:

We’re happy about this, because it means that we’ll start getting a lot more tags in the system. That makes finding relevant content on Slideshare easier for everybody!
The other big change we rolled out was better handling of comments. We have always allowed users to comment on individual slides, but there was no good way to find which slide had comments, and no easy way to track comments on your own slideshows. We hope this will make Slideshare a much more social place.
Your profile page now shows your comments and your favorites. So if you’re the kind of person who likes to design and maintain collections of content (for example, all the slideshows about software development), you can build up your profile into a page that will be useful to not just you, but to your friends and peers as well. Here’s what my profile page looks like now.
Finally, we’re now showing the avatars of the most active users on the front page. Your 15 minutes of fame are here!
There’s a lot more to come … keep your feature requests coming, we’re hard at work on the next release. ;->