SIPA Confab: Global Opportunities in Technology Related Services

SIPA has their yearly confab tomorrow. The topic is Global Opportunities in Technology Related Services. Sounds pretty generic? They tighten it down to three panels on Vertical Search, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, and Software as a Service.
The 10:30 Software as a Service panel panel looks especially good. We’ve heard enough from here are some of the other big players doing interesting things in the SaaS space.
Software as a Service:
MR Rangaswami – Co-Founder, SandHill Group (moderator).
Joe Kraus – Co-Founder & CEO, Jotspot.
Jay O’Connor – Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, NetSuite.
Umang Gupta – Chairman & CEO, Keynote Systems.
John Roberts – Co-Founder & CEO, SugarCRM.
Every one of these companies are doing very cool things right now. So if you don’t feel like giving up your whole saturday to network with desi entrepreneurs, that’s the panel to show up for. I’ll be going to that one (Mindcanvas, the service that we’ve just released, uses a SaaS software offering as the basis for a consulting service. So I have a bit of a personal interest in the topic).
The Knowledge Process outsourcing panel also looks good. I’ve heard way too much about vertical search lately, so I’ll probably skip that panel.