ZDNet snafu: top 25 on-demand providers

Yesterday, I found an article on zdnet called “Top 25 on-demand providers”. The article did not live up to it’s title: in fact, it was remarkably content-free! A little digging turned up the backstory : after ZDNet published the story, the analysts that created the list asked ZDNet to remove the content.
Now ZDNet really shouldn’t be publishing content that they don’t have a license to. But they shouldn’t edit stories beyond recognition, either. If an articles main content must be removed, the best thing to do would be remove the article entirely, not castrate it beyond recognition. Thankfully, for those interested in the on-demand software space, there’s a google cache still available with the complete list. The list is also below. Enjoy! [via ken novak]

* WebEx Communications
* Salesforce.com
* Microsoft (Office Live Meeting )
* RightNow Technologies
* Concur Technologies
* Ultimate Software
* Taleo
* Captiva Software
* Workscape
* WebSideStory
* Omniture
* NetSuite
* Intuit
* Critical Path
* Workstream
* Qualys
* CaseCentral
* Siebel Systems
* Coremetrics
* Intranets.com
* Kintera
* Intacct
* OpenAir
* CollabNet