Web 2.1 brainjam on Friday

There’s a Web 2.1 brainjam on Friday afternoon in San Francisco. Registration is $2.80 (by PayPal). More blog coverage here, here and here Yet another example of the many homebrew un-conferences (barcamp, TechCrunchBBQ) that are proliferating in Silicon Valley and rapidly making conventional conferences obsolete.

And that’s a good thing! I’m going to Web 2.0, but $2000 is a lot of money for a fledgling entrepreneur. Some attendees take the innovative approach of attending the conference without a ticket, hanging out in the lobby and talking to other attendees. The fact that this approach is even useful proves that much of the value of a conference is in the attendees, not the speakers. And if attendees can self-organize (as they can, using wikis and email) and self-market (as they can, using blogs), they can cut the conference organizer out of the loop!