Putting your money where your mouth is: a call for transparent Web 2.0 pricing

My recent post on how web 2.0 is very open until you try to make money by remixing got some interesting responses, including an excellent comment by Paulo Eduardo Neves.
They should just put a price tag in it. Something like: if you are making money from this API, you’d have to pay US$0.0001 per access. At least somebody would be able to make a business plan before starting to code.
If Web 2.0 is all about openness, then it’s time we have transparant pricing. Old school players like eBay have transparent pricing. The web 2.0 companies that talk about openness all the time owe us developers a transparent pricing model!
How about it, Technorati? Do you really want us to remix? Let us know the price tag for commercial API access before we start to code!