skype plugins: more free / low-cost collaboration tools

Skype journal published a nice roundup of the best skype plugins. Pamela (an anwering machine / recording plugin) tops the list. Video4IM (a video conferencing utility) and Jyve (a call forwarding / presence engine) are also mentioned. But the biggest surprise is Jybe, a browser-sharing application. Given that you can open MS Office documents inside your browser, this could be an extremely powerful piece of collaboration software that gives companies like Sabeer Bhatia’s InstaColl a run for their money.
Looks like video conferencing and screensharing technologies are only getting better. Cool!

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One thought on “skype plugins: more free / low-cost collaboration tools

  1. Gavin Coles August 9, 2005 / 7:07 am

    Thanks for the heads up; I’m always looking for new plugins for myself; friends and customers.
    Gavin Coles

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