JavaScript RIA ecommerce shopping cart

Check out this JavaScript RIA! (Via metafilter)
This is exactly the kind of thing the Macromedia is always showing off in their demos. Drag. Drop. Animations happen which guide the user. It’s the kind of stuff that Lazslo talks about with their concept of a “cinematic user experience”.
JavaScript RIAs are coming of age, and as I wrote yesterday, animations and self-modifying html that doesn’t need to go back to the server are playing as important a roll as the XMLHttpRequest API. A nice library for doing drag-and-drop in JavaScript has recently become available that makes this kind of code much easier to write.

The general trend towards light frameworks with minimal architecture is fascinating for an enterprise software architect like myself. While a java developer is still load-balancing his Java Beans and figuring out which design pattern to use, a php / javascript developer can crank out a functional prototype and get his first round of venture capital. Is the code maintainable? Does anybody care? If you don’t move at web speed, you don’t even get to stage one, and light frameworks and simple languages are playing an increasingly key roll in allowing the rapid development that early-stage startups need.

One thought on “JavaScript RIA ecommerce shopping cart

  1. Abe Burnett March 25, 2005 / 2:28 pm

    Cool little app, but one major problem is that it doesn’t seem very refined. Some elements of it are, but in other regards it lacks the polished, cinematic experience which is the hallmark of Flash type RIAs. Very nice use of existing technology though.

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