Grassroots Collaboration Tools

Robin Good has an excellent presentation about free / low-cost collaboration tools. He frames them as “Grassroots collaboration tools“, in opposition to “Enterprise Collaboration Tools” like Webex that have been around for years. He sees the primary value of these tools being price, features, and usability (i.e. usable by non-technical people). Anyone interested in the space should watch the presentation…it’s that good.
Below is a list of the product categories and products in the “GrassRoots Collaboration Tools” space. Most of the tools are from Robin’s presentation, with edits and additions by me. This list will change over time as new tools come to market.. feel free to suggest options that are missing from the list in the comments section below.

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The achiles heel of infosys

Amit Ranjan has an excellent piece on how the blue-chip body shops in India need to move up the value chain before their labor arbitrage play expires. He writes
Their main competitive advantage (price competiveness due to labour costs differential) is time-barred and come with a limited shelf life: price arbitrage will eventually force the imperfections in markets to converge towards a price equilibrium).

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