Scaling Rails : twittering about scale

The internets are all atwitter about comments made by Twitter developer Alex Paynt, which seemed to partially blame Ruby / Rails for scaling problems twitter has been having.
The common wisdom in the Rails community at this time is that scaling
Rails is a matter of cost: just throw more CPUs at it. The problem
is that more instances of Rails (running as part of a Mongrel
cluster, in our case) means more requests to your database. At this
point in time there’s no facility in Rails to talk to more than one
database at a time.

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YUI customer success stories: google???

Looks like google has been using CSS from the YUI javascript library for the google personalized homepage. As Pat Cavit writes, “YUI is so awesome even google uses it“.
Now some would be tempted to make a fuss over the fact that google has technically violated the BSD license that YUI ships with by removing the copyright notice from the source code (which was really silly, since it’s just in the source code: it doesn’t appear on the page at all).
But I think Yahoo should instead take this as a compliment to the awesome work that the YUI team has done over the past year. If the google devs are happy with how the code has worked, maybe they can write a customer testimonial for the YUI marketing folks to put on the YUI web site. Or maybe next year the google team can demo at the YUI party?