Yahoo! search presents at Web 2.0 conference

The good
Yahoo is clearly focusing hard on giving publishers LOTS of control as to what kind of adds appear on their site. They talked about the ability to eliminate particular advertisers, only carry advertisements from certain categories, etc. As a content producer, this is awesome. I hate seeing adds for products that I don’t like or wouldn’t endorse on my blog.
The bad
Yahoo! 360 / YahooMyWeb2.0 are currently a data “roach motel”. Data goes in but it doesn’t go out. Not very web 2.0.
The ugly
How many social networking /tagging applications does yahoo have exactly? It currently seems to be a sprawling mess. Sometimes when you try to use one, you end up using another. It’s time to trim the herd and provide a killer integrated social bookmarking / networking / search application.

New Yahoo! mail rocks the house

Just got accepted into the Yahoo! beta. This is the first web-based email I would consider using. If I didn’t have multiple email accounts, I would probably switch. Differences from oddpost: 1)doesn’t use a popup window, 2)Doesn’t seem to have rss integration, which oddpost has (seems like an odd decision, maybe they want to save something for the sequel?).
I won’t post screenshots ’cause you can see them here if you’re interested.